3D Casts

A 3d cast is a perfect way of capturing every stunning detail of your childs hand and foot. These casts are made directly by moulding your childs hand and feet. The moulds are cast in high quality plaster and once dry, are painted.

These casts can then either be framed or left as are-stanind depending on the clients preference. We have lots of colour choices to suit every style and taste. The casting method is non-toxic and safe for babies.

  • Single (One hand OR foot)
  • £20
  • Double (One hand & foot)
  • £40
  • Triple
  • £60
  • Quad
  • £80

Framed Casts

  • Framed Double Cast
  • £75
  • Framed Triple Cast
  • £110
  • Framed Quad Cast
  • £130

Multiple Hand Casts

Capture beautiful memories and beautiful relationships with one of our multiple hand casts.

Perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or to mark any other special occasion or just as a very special family memento.

  • Double Cast
  • £60
  • Triple Cast
  • £75
  • Quad Cast
  • £100